The battle: Light vs Shadow 

Winter of 2016 setting in slowly in Munich


Running in Autumn,  Munich 2016

My first Autumn run for 2016 season was, as expected, colourful and mood elevating. Splashes of yellow, read, orange and gold all along the trail left me wanting…


There is always a first time!

A flat tyre on my bike has eluded me for more than a year. Some how in some corner of my mind I had a feeling that it…


Spirits are up!

Wonderful day in Munich


Colors in summer…. Rain…

It’s summer and raining in Munich. The surroundings are green, contrasting all man made objects, be it grey or colorful. It’s time for Fußball,  Biergarten and BBQ in…


Bio Auto – Prima!

BIO car going by the Bio craze in Germany, this would not be a surprise would it?And while we are at it lets drive this car on BIO…


BeerenCafé – Hofreiter in Munich

BeerenCafé – Hofreiter in Munich


Changing (Tyres) Season

It’s that time of the year when, if you are living close to the Alps, you need to change to summer Tyres. After a 3 weeks delay, I finally…

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