Changing (Tyres) Season

It’s that time of the year when, if you are living close to the Alps, you need to change to summer Tyres. After a 3 weeks delay, I finally…


Cheating light

Few weeks ago I was at a lake in Bavaria called Eibsee. As perfect as it is, I reached at the perfectly wrong time. Cloudy, 11 am and hungry…


Shooting into the sun

This image is my attempt at shooting directly into the sun while making an early morning landscape composition. One major problem we all know is exposure. If you expose…

the loner

My new friend – Bayerische Wald

  Made a new friend while on a morning walk in the Bayerische Wald. He was with me for hours while I was walking though the woods. Unfortunately…

Night on A96

Night Photos Walimex Pro 12 mm 1:2,0

Walimex Pro 12 mm for Sony e-mount body is a manual lens. The A6000 provides focus peeking and if it is set to 100% then focusing is super easy….


Views of winter at work

Few things have changed in recent months: Lightroom 6 Sony A6000 Along with the software and hardware I am also trying a few new techniques. Following pictures are…

You are warned!

Mysterious Fog in Munich

We decided to go to an indoor play area last weekend as it was overcast and uncomfortably cold for our daughter to play outside. By the time we left there…


On Sinhagad (Fort) Pune

Went back on the fort after about 6 years. Fresh morning air at 8 degrees was refreshing as well as nostalgic. Last time I was on the fort at…


New addition to my kit.

Sony a6000

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