POTD: Bavarian architecture

This summer I was traveling to southern Bavaria.


Turning cold again – Yeahhhh

  After what feels like months of hot days, finally back to cold foggy mornings in Munich. Oh I missed you so much. Autumn is nearly here and…

Simple Lightroom Processing

Alps at mid-day

Here is a photo¬†of the Bavarian Alps taken at mid-day. Basically this is inherently a bad idea, but I was there at 12 and so did not have…


Neuschwanstein grandeur

Neuschwanstein has been photographed a zillion times and some amazing photos have been published. With this photo I wanted to try to make it look different. Not the…


Running the first mile

I took up running a few months ago. Precisely in May 2015. For a long time I always wanted to run and imagined the freedom and the feeling…


Instagram inspired Lightroom Presets

Here are some Instagram inspired presets. These presets heavily fade the photo while giving it a warm feel.


Update 4: Going good but sour

Finished my longest continues run to date on Sunday. ~16km is not bad but next is 21km and I am dreading it. It was quiet hard on my…


Photowalk Karlsplatz

Low light photography, especially long exposure, can give unexpected results.


Wonderful rainy night run

First night run in heavy rains was refreshing. It is scientifically proven that after a long workout if you need to workout again then the bodies core temperature…

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